Tactical Fire Problem – Church Fire

This week the problem is common to every community…..Holy Smoke! It’s a church fire. You might have several within your response district. Take a look.

1.) What is your initial report given, and your attack plan?

2.) This happens to be a wood frame building many churches are some form of masonry construction with heavy wooden timbers. Or they can be ultra modern large open structures. Get out there and pre plan these large occupancy structures.

3.) What is your salvage plan? As fire attack is moving forward and if it is safe enough to do so, are there any additional salvage efforts that can be taken for artifacts that may be irreplaceable?

4.) Have you trained to advance a deck gun or ground monitor into a building over one hundred feet and get it aimed into the overhead? Think about this as a possibility and try it during a training exercise in an open parking lot, without any stairs or obstructions.

5.) In the scenario given what is the estimated dimensions of the collapse zone? Try to estimate actual numbers it is good practice.

Stay safe and stay thinking!

Pete Lamb
Copyright 2013