Tactical Fire Problem – Dry cleaning store

This week we look at a very common occupancy that is found in many communities, a dry cleaning establishment.

1.) What do you know about the dry cleaning process in general? How is it done, what chemicals and products are used?

2.) Think about the fire load caused by clothes hanging on movable racks suspended off the floor, wrapped in flimsy lightweight plastic bags. What do you think that will do to flame spread and rapid fire growth?

3.) Think about smoke, mixed with steam, (maybe high pressure steam) and chemical vapor. A little more dangerous then our “normal” hostile environment.

4.) Based upon the conditions shown in the scenario, what are your actions? How many lines and where, how do you search this establishment, how do you vent, what do think your access is like from the rear of this building?

5.) When does a building fire transition into a Haz mat incident? Have you ever had this experience? Have you ever thought about it?

Stay safe, and stay thinking!

Pete Lamb
Copyright 2013