Tactical Fire Problem – Ice Cream Plant Chemical Leak

This week you need to do a little thinking to answer the five questions. This is not a fire but a chemical leak.

1.) What chemical might be used as a refrigerant at an older ice cream plant?

2.) If you have identified the chemical in question #1 look up the basic physical properties of the chemical and make yourself familiar with them.

3.) Does the chemical involved pose any fire or explosion risk? What conditions would have to be present for this to occur.

4.) In your department what should be the actions of the initial first alarm response?

5.) How long will this incident go on, and what other community actions might have to be taken?

Lots of questions in this one and I did not give many answers, if you want feedback send an email to pete@petelamb.com

Stay Safe and Stay Thinking!

Pete Lamb
Copyright 2013