Tactical Fire Problem – Loading Dock Fire

This week, the cab of a tractor trailer at a loading dock. Take a look.

1.) Let us start with the basics, what size and how many lines, how much water and how many personnel?
2.) Under the category of where is it going, what it is in the box trailer, is it empty be cause it was just unloaded, or is it full because it was just loaded? Have you ever operated at a fully loaded tractor trailer fire? What is it like to get water at the seat of the fire and what is it like to overhaul?
3.) I believe extension into the building is not likely at the moment, and hopefully the building is sprinklered but what is your plan to make sure fire does not get in? How much manpower does that take?
4.) While I don’t believe there will be extension, I certainly believe there will be extensive smoke spread into the building. What is your department’s plan to clear smoke out of a structure this large?
5.) Get out I your response district and look for the large buildings and develop a plan before you need one!
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Stay safe, and stay thinking!
Pete Lamb @ Copyright 2012
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