Tactical Fire Problem – MAYDAY a firefighter down in a commercial building

This week we have a firefighter down in a large commercial building.

1.) This is not only about a RIT simulation, but it is also about air management for members and the RIT themselves. If you are 150 feet deep into this structure, how much air have you used to get to this point?

2.) This is a large structure with 20 foot ceilings. How fast is the fire growing and how big is the fire to generate smoke this low?

3.) What are the advantages of a concrete floor in this scenario?

4.) How many personnel would this take in your department to move this firefighter 150 feet to the exit, and 50 feet beyond to safety?

5.) Have you trained on using pulley systems to assist with dragging downed firefighters? Even using large carabiners to gain mechanical advantage from an anchor point. Have you trained in large area search techniques?

You can email you answers to the questions and I will discuss them with you if you like. Pete@petelamb.com

Pete Lamb
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