Tactical Fire Problem – Mayday in an structure under demolition

This week we have a report of a firefighter down in a structure under demolition with open studs and walls. The firefighter is on Floor 3 of an abandoned commercial building.


1.) You are at the top of the stairway, one large room away from the victim when you see this. As the first crew to the victim what actions will you take and what is your radio message?

2.) What methods will you use to remove the firefighter down three floors?

3.) What impact does the fire in the open bay and the open construction  have on your window of rescue time?

4.) What is the appropriate fire control action after securing the victim? Does your RIT always bring a hoseline with them or are the supported by an engine company?

5.) How much does the fire behavior  and open construction impact us in this case? Are you thinking of that when you do RIT training?