Tactical Fire Problem – Supermarket Fire

This week we are looking at a significant roof fire in a supermarket.

1.) One of the first considerations at a structural fire (after life safety) is the size of the structure. What does the size of this structure indicate about, the volume of fire, length of hoseline needed, and air consumption of SCBA?

2.) What heat and smoke conditions might you encounter on the main floor?

3.) Does the supermarket in your area have a second floor area, or partial mezzanine for offices in front or for stock in the warehouse?

4.) What do you know about roof construction?

5.) Based upon what you see, what is the plan? Can you gain access from an inside ladder and scuttle? Should you? Can your thermal imager give you a good reading from 30 feet away? (Inside floor to roof)
What amount of work will be involved? How long has this been burning?

Pete Lamb
Copyright 2014