The speed of social media

The speed of social media social media is a phenomenal thing. I think about in my lifetime when we didn’t have social media my goodness I was at the very start of message boards and all that stuff before the Internet was fully blossomed. Social media moves very quickly. just as it with fire photography Sparks involved in social media can be a friend as you can get information to the masses as soon as we need to get it there,  but it could also put out partial information very quickly I think that we underestimate the risk of partial information very quickly. I know that I’ve been a victim of that myself I know that in some cases I have watched a fire video from the scene I’ve watched fire photos from this the scene and I’ve made a judgments. I often talk in my podcast about being a witness rather than the judge using a court room analogy. I think that it’s critical that in the speed of social media we do not be swept up in this frenzy to get the first information on the first comment or the first challenge to what we saw “going wrong” in the video that was just published from the scene. Quite frankly I love periscope I love some of the active fire videos it allows me to see things as they’re happening. I can’t tell you how much that these videos have taught me in shaping tomorrow. The videos I saw made me a little better as I see things whether I am correct in my assumptions or not. I have used these experiences in the speed of social media to help me. I think that getting information early is important and I think that in some cases it allows us to get more educated as more information becomes relative to us we learn more. I think my point is use patience in social media don’t be trapped into making a comment as fast as you receive the information. Use patience, take it and absorb it and wait for the follow-up information so that your assessments may be a little more accurate than what they might be the moment you received instant information.