Tactical Fire Problem – Apartment Fire

This week the Tactical Fire Problem is an apartment fire.

1.) Which victim (s) are in the most danger and what is your crew going to do about it?

2.) There are three victims I can see. How many cannot be seen? What is your plan?

3.) Does it matter to you that these balconies are “cantilevered”? That is to say the floor of the balcony is an extension of the interior floor joists. How does that affect fire spread and detection?

4.) How long will it take and how many personnel might it take to give an “all clear” on civilians in this building?

5.) Have you preplanned these occupancies in your community? Do you understand both the layout and configuration as well as the construction?

Tactical Fire Problem – Interior Movie Lobby

This week the Tactical Fire Problem has you answering an automatic fire alarm at a movie theater. As you enter these are the conditions you find.

1.) What is your first radio C A N report?

2.) How do you divide your crew assignments. ( Officer and 2 inside pump operator outside)?

3.) How does the size and area of this type of occupancy affect your initial and long term operation?

4.) The call indicates you received an alarm, but it does not appear there are sprinklers operating. What do you do?

5.) What is your plan to get accountability of civilians and a primary and secondary search?

Tactical Fire Problem – Hospital or Nursing Home Patient Room

This week the Tactical Fire Problem is a health care facility patient room. If you do not have one of these maybe your mutual aid response does have one.

1.) There is no life hazard in this room but what will be your evacuation strategy?

2.) What is the most important immediate thing you can do upon seeing this?

3.) Does the limited amount of smoke mean anything or possibly indicate anything to you?

4.) What is your action as the first due officer with a crew of two personnel with you?

5.) After knockdown and “under control” what other agencies might need to be notified, and what other considerations should the IC have?

Tactical Fire Problem – Investigating Electrical Odor

This week the tactical Fire Problem is about investigating an electrical odor on a residential call. Upon entering the basement you see the following:

1.) So now that you are down in the basement, what do you have in your hands, with your crew? ( Halligan is no as handy on this one is it?)

2.) What is your initial C A N report from the basement?

3.) How long does it take for a power company response in your area?

4.) What other areas of the home need to be investigated as this incident gets mitigated?

5.) Do you always bring some extinguishing method with you even on nothing showing investigations?

Tactical Fire Problem – Pop up Camper

This week the Tactical Fire Problem is in a campground where it appears there may have been a water heater explosion on a pop-up?

1.) You have 2 victims showing, is it possible you may have a 3rd victim? What is your thought process that makes you think that?

2.) What other hazards do you have on this camper?

3.) If you arrived with 4 personnel how do you deploy them in this instance?

4.) In a campground there is likely no hydrants, what is your plan for water supply and how much water will this incident take?

5.) Have you been into and preplanned any campgrounds you have, or in mutual aid areas?

Tactical Fire Problem – Furnace Investigation

This week the Tactical Fire Problem involves a smell of smoke in the basement and you open the furnace room and this is what you see …some slight smoke condition.

1.) What tools did you have with you in the basement on the investigation of a smell/smoke/

2.) What actions did you take when “conditions changed rapidly”?

3.) When you investigate these incidents do you always evacuate the civilians from the structure or do you leave them in the house or tale them with you while investigating?

4.) How do you handle this incident?

5.) What is the most likely type of fuel this device is fueled by?


Tactical Fire Problem – House Fire

This week the Tactical Fire problem is a daytime fire, unknown status of occupants. This one might have some fire science applications.

1.) How would you describe the flow path at that porch front door?

2.) What might that indicate to you from an attack perspective?

3.) There is visible fire behind the glass in that front window, but the glass is intact. What will happen when that glass fails?

4.) What indicators do you have that there might be extension already to floor 2?

5.) What is your CAN report and what is your Incident Action Plan?

Tactical Fire Problem – Restaurant Kitchen Fire

This week you have been called to a fire in a restaurant kitchen. Alarms are sounding in the building, but many patrons have not evacuated.

1.) What items would you normally take in to investigate this alarm if you had nothing showing from the outside?

2.) How would you split your first 4 personnel to handle the fire and the evacuation issue?

3.) What is your radio report as you enter the kitchen and find this?

4.) What is the most logical “exposure” problem you face here?

5.) The suppression system has not activated, what will you do to extinguish this fire effectively?