Tactical Fire Problem – Old Dynamite

This week it is not exactly a fire problem, but a hazardous materials incident / bomb squad incident.

You are called to an abandoned construction company and this is what you are presented with.

Take a look.

1.) What is the correct DOT Guidebook number to use?

2.) What is the significance on the crystallization on the wrapping?

3.) What is the most likely trigger to a detonation?

4.) What procedure do you have in place at your department to handle this?

5.) What is the appropriate safety zone for your apparatus and personnel? What factors determine this?

Tactical Fire Problem – Old Stone Farmhouse

This week we look at a basement fire in an old stone farmhouse with a victim. Take a look and see what you think.


1.) Because of the age of the structure, does that enhance fire spread to the victim, or buy the victim some time? Why?

2.) With a bare minimum crew of four personnel arriving on the first engine, what actions would you take first?

3.) Does the position of the victim and the fire give you any challenges as it relates to laddering the building?

4.) Based on your experience what are the contents of this area?

5.) List five considerations for operating with fire below you.

Tactical Fire Problem – Rural Barn Fire

This week we look at a rural water supply operation with a large barn fire. (Barn B A R N, not B O N!)


1.) Assume for this scenario that the nearest water supply is at a minimum 3/4 of a mile away.  What is your plan?

2.) What size line (s) and what flow will you use.

3.) Do you open the main sliding doors to the main barn? If so when?

4.) What could the two chutes on the front of the building indicate to you? What kind of danger would this represent to you?

5.) Based upon volume, what rate of flow would you have to sustain for 100% involvement?

Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable – Are you listening to the Research?

Join the panel Sunday evening August 3, 2014 at 8:00 PM Eastern as they discuss the new science, but specifically the question of “Are You Listening to the Research?”. The panel will share there thoughts on the science and the pros and cons they have witnessed of applying it in there own department.
Watch us Live on YouTube or here at the events page and interact with the panel.




Tactical Fire Problem – Car Crash, with victim, wires down

This week we look at a single car crash with a victim and live electrical wires.

1.) Give a basic arrival report using the C.A.N. format.
2.) If the victim is from the crash and self extricated why is she down?
3.) The electric utility company gives you an ETA of 25 minutes, what is yourimmediate rescue plan?
4.) How far should the safety zone be around this incident?
5.) Would any of your actions or rescue plan change if it was raining heavily?

Tactical Fire Problem – Stable Fire

This week we have a large fire developing in a stable occupied with horses. We will assume the closest hydrant is 3/4 mile away.

1.) How will your first due crew deal with these frightened and aggravated horses?
2.) With a wooden open overhang stall how could you possible control the fire spread?
3.) In your department with your resources could you establish a rural water supply fast enough to be of service here?
4.) If the worst happens what is your plan for dealing with injured or deceased horses?
5.) Preplanning is usually discussed in urban areas, Preplanning is critical for rural target hazards as well. When preplanning, be sure to develop the water supply plan.

Tactical Fire Problem – 3 story apartment building

This week we are looking at a three story apartment building during the  daytime.

1.) Describe your initial C A N report.
2.) Describe how you will deploy the personnel on the first two pieces of apparatus to arrive. 3.) What “stage” of the fire are you at, what could the interior conditions look like, based upon whats showing?
4.) What length of the attack line will you need to make the fire apartment?
5.) Under what conditions or circumstances would you switch to a defensive operation?

Tactical Fire problem – Large Factory, Industrial Roof Fire

A large factory/industrial building with heavy smoke showing from the roof is the Tactical Fire Problem for this week. Take a look.

1.) Even if you do not have this building, you may have larger buildings that might be beyond the capability of your department. Is this an internal fire in the building through the roof, or is it a roof fire?

2.) How many stories is this building? What is the impact of the blocked or enclosed windows?

3.) Why would an industrial building this size have all of the windows blocked anyway?

4.) What impact woud the cars parked at the cub have, (if any)?

5.) What is your plan for getting a size up of the roof? What is your plan for getting a line up there?

Stay Safe, and stay thinking?

Pete Lamb

Copyright 2014