Tactical Fire Problem – 3 story apartment building

This week we are looking at a three story apartment building during the  daytime.

1.) Describe your initial C A N report.
2.) Describe how you will deploy the personnel on the first two pieces of apparatus to arrive. 3.) What “stage” of the fire are you at, what could the interior conditions look like, based upon whats showing?
4.) What length of the attack line will you need to make the fire apartment?
5.) Under what conditions or circumstances would you switch to a defensive operation?

Tactical Fire problem – Large Factory, Industrial Roof Fire

A large factory/industrial building with heavy smoke showing from the roof is the Tactical Fire Problem for this week. Take a look.

1.) Even if you do not have this building, you may have larger buildings that might be beyond the capability of your department. Is this an internal fire in the building through the roof, or is it a roof fire?

2.) How many stories is this building? What is the impact of the blocked or enclosed windows?

3.) Why would an industrial building this size have all of the windows blocked anyway?

4.) What impact woud the cars parked at the cub have, (if any)?

5.) What is your plan for getting a size up of the roof? What is your plan for getting a line up there?

Stay Safe, and stay thinking?

Pete Lamb

Copyright 2014