Tactical Fire Problem – Bedroom Fire

This week the tactical fire problem is a bedroom fire on floor 2.

1.) You and your partner are conducting a primary on floor 2 and you encounter these conditions. What do you do?

2.) What is the preferred and alternate means of egress?

3.) What do the conditions indicate in the room? What can you do simply to buy some safety?

4.) Do you split your crew to have one remove the victim and continue a one person search, or do both remove?

5.) Have you trained for this situation?


Tactical Fire Problem – Utility Box Fire

This week the tactical fire problem involves a fire in a utility box. Take a look.

1.) What type of box is this most likely? Any clues that would lead you to this?

2.) What is the most likely fuel that is burning?

3.) What is the best and least destructive method of extinguishments?

4.) What could be a likely outcome of this fire that could have an effect on your department?

5.) In terms of dollar loss and public concern, how big an incident could this be?

Tactical Fire Problem – Mayday in an structure under demolition

This week we have a report of a firefighter down in a structure under demolition with open studs and walls. The firefighter is on Floor 3 of an abandoned commercial building.


1.) You are at the top of the stairway, one large room away from the victim when you see this. As the first crew to the victim what actions will you take and what is your radio message?

2.) What methods will you use to remove the firefighter down three floors?

3.) What impact does the fire in the open bay and the open construction  have on your window of rescue time?

4.) What is the appropriate fire control action after securing the victim? Does your RIT always bring a hoseline with them or are the supported by an engine company?

5.) How much does the fire behavior  and open construction impact us in this case? Are you thinking of that when you do RIT training?


Tactical Fire Problem – Garden Apartment

This week the Tactical Fire Problem is a Garden Apartment with Victim (s). Take a look.


1.) What are the barriers to the hose stretch? How do you estimate that or account for that?

2.) What type of roof is that on this structure?

3.) What does the heavy smoke from the roof indicate and how would that affect your decision making?

4.) What does the open front door indicate? What could be the complications of that open door be?

5.) What is your initial C A N report and what will you do with your first crew?

Tactical Problem – House fire with victims

This week we have a standard house fire with tree victims. Two of which are trapped, one is outside injured. Your first responding engine has 4 persons on it, your next piece of apparatus is 5 minutes away.


1.) What is the your radio report and your C A N report?

2.) How do you divide your crew?

3.) Which of the trapped victims will you work on first?

4.) What immediate action can you take with limited manpower that would make this situation better?

5.) How would you direct the help when they arrive? What orders would you give?


Tactical Fire Problem – Second Floor Fire

This week we have a second floor bedroom fire. You are the officer of a crew of three (2 and you) as you enter the first floor this is what you see.

1.) How do you divide your crew?

2.) What does that smoke condition indicate?

3.) Do you suspect other victims? Why?

4.) What does the stairway size and room size indicate to you? Why is that important?

5.) What is your C. A. N report?

Tactical Fire Problem – Fire in a two story wood frame with Victims

This week the tactical fire problem is in a two story wood frame with victims.

1.) Based upon conditions, how much action time do you have in this room?

2.) What actions might be taken immediately to make a difference?

3.) What is the best way for victim removal?

4.) How many personnel will it take for this rescue?

5.) How can you adequately train for this scenario? When was the last time you drilled on this?

Tactical Fire Problem – Apartment Hallway with Victim

This week we are looking at an apartment complex with a victim in the hallway.

1.) Let us consider that this is floor 3 of this building. What are the construction features that can help you in this situation?

2.) What could one victim in the hallway indicate?

3.) What are the best actions for the first company on this fire?

4.) How many personnel will it take to remove this victim from floor 3?

5.) What is the attack plan?