Tactical Fire Problem – Second Floor Fire

This week we have a second floor bedroom fire. You are the officer of a crew of three (2 and you) as you enter the first floor this is what you see.

1.) How do you divide your crew?

2.) What does that smoke condition indicate?

3.) Do you suspect other victims? Why?

4.) What does the stairway size and room size indicate to you? Why is that important?

5.) What is your C. A. N report?

Tactical Fire Problem – Fire in a two story wood frame with Victims

This week the tactical fire problem is in a two story wood frame with victims.

1.) Based upon conditions, how much action time do you have in this room?

2.) What actions might be taken immediately to make a difference?

3.) What is the best way for victim removal?

4.) How many personnel will it take for this rescue?

5.) How can you adequately train for this scenario? When was the last time you drilled on this?

Tactical Fire Problem – Apartment Hallway with Victim

This week we are looking at an apartment complex with a victim in the hallway.

1.) Let us consider that this is floor 3 of this building. What are the construction features that can help you in this situation?

2.) What could one victim in the hallway indicate?

3.) What are the best actions for the first company on this fire?

4.) How many personnel will it take to remove this victim from floor 3?

5.) What is the attack plan?


Tactical Fire Problem – 2 Story Vacant

This week we are looking at a 2 story vacant/abandoned wood frame.

1.) Assuming you have a good hydrant supply line what is the correct action for the first engine?

2.) What advantages does the location of the fire give you?

3.) Interior?  Transitional?  Defensive only? Blitz?

4.) Identify three dangers in this scenario.

5.) Do you “inventory” the vacant ¬†and abandoned buildings in your response district?

Tactical Fire Problem – Shed Fire

This week we look at an old abandoned shed, maybe on a farm.

1.) This sheet metal structure with an advanced fire inside, what is the risk model for this incident?

2.) What is your attack plan?

3.) What resources might you need for this scenario?

4.) What unusual possibilities might complicate this scenario?

5.) Check your response district and see if you have any of these old neglected structures, maybe without a water supply nearby.


Tactical Fire Problem – Recycling Facility

This week we have a fire inside a large warehouse recycling facility.


1.) What is the best method of extinguishment here? What could be used to assist in extinguishment?

2.) What are the products that may be found here? How will this affect your operation?

3.) What is your plan for overhaul? How will this be accomplished?

4.) Based upon the size of the building are there any ventilation challenges?

5.) Besides normal structure fire precautions, are there any additional safety concerns here?

Tactical Fire Problem – Warehouse Fire

This week the Tactical Fire Problem is a warehouse adjacent or attached to a large store.

1.) What is your Brief initial C A N report? How do you describe the warehouse? Is it One story, or do you describe the height?

2.) What is your initial attack line and where does it go?

3.) Name three challenges that the chain link fence poses?

4.) Identify 3 safety challenges posed by this incident?

5.) Are the sprinklers operating or not?

Tactical Fire Problem – Storage Building

This week we are looking at a structure fire in a storage building/


1.) As you look at the building with no markings, what other information can you find in this response that might give clues to contents?

2.) Looking down the “D” side estimate the length of the building.

3.) How advanced is the fire based upon smoke conditions?

4.) The smoke condition appears to be emanating from a horizontal joint near the roof line. What can this tell you about possible construction, if anything?

5.) What is the attack plan? How many lines, what size, and where and how?