Tactical Fire Problem – Motel

This week The Tactical Fire Problem is a motel fire in daytime hours.

This is a non sprinklered facility.

1.) Give the initial CAN report.

2.) What additional resources will be requested because of the nature of the occupancy?

3.) What are you going to do about the auto exposure to the floor 2 balcony?

4.) As the IC, how much time will it take you to get a primary on a 32 unit motel?

5.) What is your plan for displaced transient fire victims?

Tactical Fire Problem – Attached Garage

This week the Tactical Fire Problem is an attached Garage fire.

1.) Where does the first line go? What size?

2.) Because this is fairly modern construction what considerations should the IC have?

3.) What are the contents of a garage in a high end suburban neighborhood?

4.) Looking at the setback and grass area, how much line could be need for the stretch? Is it a pre-connect or more?

5.) What tactic does your department use for managing residential garage doors?