Tactical Fire Problem – Tractor Trailer Accident

This week the tactical fire problem is a tractor trailer accident.

1.) 40 foot box trailer, passenger side saddle tank breached and ignited. What is your first request for resources?

2.) What are your actions for the unaccounted for driver?

3.) Where is the cargo manifest? How do you investigate the box safely?

4.) How familiar are you with securing batteries and fluids on an over the road tractor?

5.) How long do you intend to be on scene?


Tactical Fire Problem – Farm House

This week the tactical fire problem is a suburban farm house.

1.) How many apparatus resources will you need to control this? How many if hydrants? How many if no hydrants?

2.) What size line will it take to control this initially?

3.) Where should the primary search be done first?

4.) What type of roof decking is on the porch overhang? Any effect?

5.) How many bedrooms do you anticipate here?

Tactical Fire Problem – House Under Construction

This week the tactical fire problem is a house under construction.

1.) What is your C A N report?

2.) The hydrants in this new subdivision have not been activated yet. What is your plan?

3.) What are the dangers you might face with a house partially constructed?

4.) How long will it take to make the stretch? How much and how quickly will fire spread?

5.) What size lines and how many?