Veterans Day November 11

There certainly are not enough words to portray my thanks for all of our veterans. I was fortunate to have been brought up in a family where my dad was a WW II veteran from the Pacific Theater of operations.

I was taught at very young age to have respect for our flag, our country and our veterans. Many, many years ago the VFW had a program called “Sons of the VFW” which my dad got me involved in. (Later in my life other words followed sons of, when describing me, but i digress) It allowed me to be around a number of WW II veterans and I helped with fund raising, scraping and painting and maintaining cemetery grave markers and on holidays going out and putting the flags and flag stands on grave sites to honor and remember the fallen.

I found a couple of images and a link to a YouTube video that I thought could better express my feelings about the day. I thought that these things would be my simple and humble little way of saying thanks to those who served.

I know this is a fire service blog, and firefighters, paramedics and EMTs do great things everyday in this country. I have been proud to be a firefighter for much of my life. Many times people refer to us as heroes, and often rightfully so.

Lets save the term hero for our veterans. We are what we are, and have what we have because of a veteran!

I found this floating around the Internet and it struck me, because some people don’t remove their hats anymore when the National Anthem is played, sometimes people don’t show the simple respect that they should. In my minds eye this is probably an older veteran who is doing all that he physically can do honor the Marine Honor Guard walking by with our flag. I like it.

The picture above was from a tweet received from Danny “mav” Robson who has a twitter name of #soldier_danny. It speaks about remembering and taking time today to honor our veterans. It touched me and I wanted to share it with you.

Here is a link to a seven minuteYOUTUBE VIDEO. This video is from a retired naval corpsman that served in Vietnam and the Gulf war. It is a speech he gave at an elementary school. I am not sure if the young children got it but I did!

It is worth a listen to a perspective of someone who has had their life changed by serving.

Pete Lamb @ Copyright 2012
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