Whaaaaaat?? There are 2 Chief Peter Lambs??? Say it isn’t so!

Yes it is true….sad but true. I am making this post because as of late there has been some confusion on social media about the TWO Chief Peter Lambs. I am doing this post so if either of us has confusion in the future we might be able to point or link back to here to this post to give folks a point of reference.

The confusion is also magnified because “the other” Pete started in Connecticut and then moved up to New Hampshire and Maine. I have worked in Rhode Island and Massachusetts so we are both from New England.

I started at a small fire district (Harris) in Coventry RI, went to Tiverton RI as Chief, Massachusetts Fire Academy in various roles including Director, and Chief in North Attleboro Massachusetts.

I have a presence on Twitter as @petelamb and I am also on Google +

As of this writing in December 2014 I DO NOT have a Facebook presence, but I think the other Pete does, so that is a clue right away. If it is on Facebook it probably is not me. (That could change in the future.)

I also use these two images in much of my work.

nafdscn            maltesetrans


If you have any questions please feel free to ask, and if I get sent correspondence for the other Pete, I will forward it along.