You Can’t Go Back To A Place You Have Never Been

I would love to take credit for this quote but it was given to me by an older crusty Deputy Fire Chief From Massachusetts, so I give Jack all the credit for this one.

What does it mean?

I watched a social media thread the other day, and I am mad that I did not join in because I agreed with much of it. It had to do with instructors selling their souls and trying to be all things to all people.

There is a capitalistic side to fire service training these days and I am not sure it is a becoming trait. Now before anyone goes off the rails, I do get paid for about 20% of what I provide. You see I do  not charge for most stuff at all. I barely cover expenses. You see none of that makes me smart, but it does mean I just want to help and give back.

I hope that we all take a breath and just be genuine in what we are sharing. be sure to cite references when re-sharing others writings and classes. We now have a reached a point where we have people teaching, writing and lecturing about skills they have never performed.

I am not sure this helps any of us in the service, and it might be harmful to a young impressionable firefighter who does not know how to sort or how to begin vetting the information they are reading.

The moral of the story is just try to be a “good fireman”. You should review if that is your goal or is it to collect money to become a famous fire service professional. Do believe everything on your resume….I know the author!