Tactical Fire Problem – Large Older Home

This week we look at an advancing fire in a large older home, that could be a colonial or an old farmhouse.

1.) Think about the age of this structure and consider the possibility of balloon frame construction with a large number of void spaces.

2.) Just looking at the structure, do you believe it is occupied, or vacant and what things might lead you to your conclusion.

3.) What is the impact of that fence in front on your hose stretch? How much training do you do to prepare for that? Do you always “shoulder” the hose load and pay it out that way? PRACTICE!

4.) What size ground ladder do you need to reach the dormer windows?

5.) Considering your department’s resources and manpower, how long will you be operating at this fire, and how big of a deal would this be for your organization?

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Stay safe, and stay thinking!

Pete Lamb
Copyright 2013